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What is the TOR browser and how to use it? [Easy]

For those connoisseurs of internet networks, when talking about security, an ideal browser for this purpose immediately comes to mind, yes or no? That is why in this article we will make it very clear what it is and how to use TOR, as well as how to install it and more. Let's get started!

What is TOR?

El Tor browser, is a free and easy-to-install browser, which is used to navigate the Tor network. You should know that in this type of network your page has to overcome different encryptions on several servers at the same time. What Tor Browser does is hide your identity in order to greatly improve the protection of your privacy. That's why this tool it is considered one of the most useful to protect your identity; your data and everything related to your user information when browsing the net.

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How to install and use TOR browser?

To install and use Tor is very simple, for this you just have to do the following: 1. Open the file you downloaded,

2. Decompress the file, and then

3. Open the already unzipped folder where the application will be ready for you to use Tor.

If you prefer you can move it, for example to another folder or simply to a USB. After all, in it is the shield you need to keep your data private if you ever wanted to browse and find out about the curiosities of the dark web with Tor.

How to use the TOR browser?

The easiest way to how to use tor It is through the so-called pattern connection, for which what you must do is very simple.

We are going to detail it to you below, but not before reminding you that using Tor is considered very protective. It is like a wall for your information, but always remember that in the dark web no security measures are enough.

  • Start by opening the application with a double click on its location icon.
  • It will be activated immediately, in which you can observe the process of connecting with the network.
  • Being already connected A web browser with which you are already enabled to navigate will be activated. Always keep in mind that although Tor does not store search history, it is recommended that when using it, you close it at the end of your session.

As we have mentioned security as the most important point when using Tor, we also clarify that you can install it and use it on a virtual computer if you demand greater security.

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What to do in the event of a possible crash when using the TOR browser?

If you discover that you are a victim of network blocking, what you should do is follow the following tips:

  • Activate the application, on your monitor you will identify it with the name of star tor browser. Then double click on it. When the window is activated, you will be able to see that you are connecting safely to the network.
  • If when trying to use Tor you find yourself blocked, what you can do is use a bridge that is clear to be able to navigate. HERE you can get.
  • You copy each and every bridge Tor has cleared or unlocked. In case the country where you are censoring access to Tor, you must select this in the connection settings. Then you have to go testing the bridges in the line "Put a bridge that I know", until you find the one that is accepted.
  • Once the connection is made anonymously, the application will open a browser and you will automatically be prepared and authorized to use Tor on the dark web; but once again we advise you to take all the precautions you can. Remember that the security of all your information is at stake when you are browsing.

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You should not risk everything for nothing, keep in mind that when you risk, you must be prepared to assume the consequences of using Tor. So we consider it important that you evaluate whether or not it is worth taking a risk in a world that is unknown to you. Rest assured that it has nothing good to offer you. You put many things at stake, including your integrity and that of your family.

Here people without scruples or feelings navigate, who are willing to cause the greatest possible damage in order to obtain some monetary or material benefit.

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