Instagram: Protect your account in 4 different ways

If you have an Instagram account, you surely know that one of the trends currently is the theft of accounts on the platform. For this reason today we will tell you how to protect Instagram from hackers so that in this way your account is safe and you know how to avoid being hackeado on Instagram. In another article we show you the different forms of hackcreate an Instagram account. However, we always clarify that we do it for academic purposes, that is, in order to teach our readers the ways in which they can be harmed. We do not encourage or encourage hackear a profile or account of any social network.

We are all prone to being victims of ill-intentioned people who seek to take advantage of the naivety of many. The system they use often goes unnoticed, causing victims to fall into the trap.

The way of operating is that they send you a DM in which a short message is shown and then a link, which usually comes camouflaged with a url shortener. This so that we cannot see the final destination of the page we are entering. That is why it is important to show you how to improve the security of your Instagram account.

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Something important you should know before learning how to protect Instagram from Hackers is the following:

Once you enter this link there is no going back, because they are bots programmed to save all account data, including username and password, in a database. This is one of the most used methods in recent weeks.

In fact, a lot of people are falling for this trick and have consequently lost their accounts. The recovery of the same is complicated, since the access data is changed quickly. However, so that these things do not continue to happen, we will immediately teach you the ways to prevent hackeen your Instagram account and don't have that hard time. LET'S GO!

How to avoid being hackeado on Instagram

Pay close attention to these steps that we are going to show you with images so that you understand it in the best way:

1- DO NOT OPEN messages received from strangers

The best way to avoid this type of inconvenience will always be prevention, therefore, if you receive an Instagram message (DM) from an account that you do not know DO NOT OPEN IT!

The other case that is important to mention is that sometimes the malicious link comes from the account of one of our friends. This does not mean that he is the one who is wanting to harm. What happens is that when the bot is opened from an account, it immediately infects it, causing the link to be sent to all followers of that account.

Do you realize the level of spread that these types of activities have? For that reason, the number of people who are being hackeadas on Instagram.

2- Prohibit being added to unknown groups to protect your Instagram account

Another of the best recommendations we can give you is that you protect your account as much as possible. One of the first steps is that you block access to groups, for this you must follow the following steps:

  • Enter your account settings and access the privacy section.
  • Now enter the messages section.
  • Select the option "who can add you to groups".
  • Now in the options you must choose "only people you follow".

IMPORTANT NOTE: Within this step, as you can see in the third image, you can configure the reception of messages to your preference, that is, you can choose to receive messages from everyone, or only your followers or even from pages like Facebook. Everything is at your convenience and the purpose you want to obtain with your account.

3- Activate 2-step authentication

The other part of the tutorial is that you activate the option to verify your account in two steps. To do this, follow the following steps that will help you protect your Instagram account:

  • Enter your account settings.
  • Now in the safety zone.
  • At this point you must activate the 2-step authentication and follow the instructions that the system asks for.

With this step, every time you are going to log in to another device, it will ask you to enter a code in it, it is very important to have this step ACTIVATED.

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4- How to configure or place my PRIVATE Instagram account

  • Let's go to configuration first
  • Then obviously to PRIVACY
  • And to finish we ACTIVATE the PRIVATE ACCOUNT button.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to place your PRIVATE account, it must not be a commercial account. To protect your account and make it private, it must be configured exclusively as a personal account.

As you can see, the actions that can be implemented to protect your account and know how to avoid being hackeado on Instagram are quite easy and fast. Remember to protect Instagram from hackers is the job of all account owners and it is your personal information. But before we begin we invite you to join our Discord community. Where you can find the latest technology and games data.

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